Advice for Business Owners: Holiday Vacation Time

Advice for Business Owners: Holiday Vacation TimeThe holiday season is an ideal time for employees to take their company-granted vacation days. As a business owner, it’s critical to understand what employees expect from them when it comes to their time off. Therefore, in addition to protecting your operating with a PA Small Business General Liability policy, consider the following laws that Nolo has outlined in terms of paid vacation days.

Employers have a lot of leeway when it comes to vacation days because by law, they are not required to provide paid time off. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that some paid vacation is offered to 91% of full-time employees 37% of part-time employees in private industry.

Even though a company is not required to offer the same number of paid vacation days to all employees, business owners need to be equipped to manage potential discrimination charges to justify their decisions.

Business owners have a lot of say in when their employees can use their paid vacation days. For example, some prohibit the use of this vacation time during busy seasons or holiday rushes. Further, it is up to the employer to determine how much notice is required for taking paid time off.

Next, consider how long your employees have been on the job. If you grant paid time off immediately to full-time employees, specify how long they must work for your company before being able to use those days.

Lastly, check with your state’s labor laws to ensure you are compliant with the laws of paying unused vacation days to employees upon their departure from your company.

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