Auto Insurance: Texting is the Most Dangerous Distraction

Auto Insurance Texting is the Most Dangerous DistractionAuto Insurance: Texting is the Most Dangerous Distraction

When you’re on the road and your phone is flashing in the cup holder next you, or you hear a ringing coming from your handbag, it is so hard not to pick up. You’ve become so quick at texting, you can send just one quick message while you’re driving, right? Not quite.

The New York Times created a game, “Gauging Your Distraction,” to simulate how texting affects an individual’s ability to react. The test requires you to change lanes multiple times and drive through different gates while responding to simple text messages (ex. “Do you want sushi or Mexican tonight?). Well, I took the test. My results were dismal. I missed 14 percent of the gates I was supposed to drive through, and my reaction time was 0.45 seconds slower while I was texting. And, apparently there was a lady on the side of the road who I didn’t even see.

Texting slows our reaction time, and distracts us physically, visually, and mentally from what is going on around us. Cellphone use contributes to approximately 6 percent of all crashes and 2,600 deaths each year. And although there are other distractions, texting remains one of the worst.

It is widely accepted that it is not safe to text and drive. Yet studies show that most people tend to overestimate their ability to multitask on the road. Distracted drivers on the phone are four times as more likely to get into an accident as a non-distracted driver, and texting makes a driver eight times as likely to get into a crash.

But even while you can control your own habits, you can’t account for others on the road. That’s why the coverage of your Newtown auto insurance is such a critical question. Getting the right car insurance isn’t simply a matter of typing your year, make, and model. You need to assess your liability risks and the exposures your vehicle or vehicles face. You may need to evaluate repair costs for things like hybrid batteries, air bags or specialty additions you made or had installed by the manufacturer. Contact GMG Insurance for more information about our bucks county auto insurance, give us a call at (855) 407-4450.

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