Bucks County Luxury Home Insurance Part II: Vacation Homes

Bucks County Luxury Home Insurance Part II Vacation HomesBucks County Luxury Home Insurance Part II: Vacation Homes

This is the second installment in our series on luxury homes and insurance. This week, we’re talking vacation homes.

Many of our luxury homeowner clients have second vacation homes that they use a few weeks out of the year. They are a source of delight, pleasure and even additional income if you rent them out.

Making sure you and your family are protected on summer vacation isn’t always straightforward. If you’re renting a property or exchanging homes with another family this summer, your homeowners insurance policy might extend to the property or to provide limited coverage for personal property you take with you to where you’ll be staying. But many times, it is easy for homeowners to over-insure or under-insure. Vacation homes require a special type of insurance that protects your vacation home but doesn’t overlap with existing homeowner’s coverage.

Location, for one makes a difference. Properties on the ocean cost have different insurance exposures than a mountain cabin or lakeside retreat would. If it’s an international property, there could also be other expectations.

Vacation home insurance should be customized to fit your property’s needs, based on its location and use. GMG Insurance customizes vacation home insurance to fit seasonal use. We can also help you obtain the limits and special coverages you may need for onsite staff, contents and even liability if third parties are injured while visiting.

When you have several properties, your insurance needs change with each one- you need an insurance program that reflects your lifestyle. GMG Insurance prides ourselves on delivering personalize attention to manage our assets and secure products that accommodate your lifestyle, not and as it changes over time. Contact us today for more information. (855) 407-4450

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