How to Simplify Your HR Strategy in 2019

Small operations teams today don’t always have the time, manpower or expertise to deal with the human resources tasks that fuel a happy and productive work environment. Even businesses with fewer than twenty-five employees need the structure that comes along with a well-equipped HR department, especially as a younger workforce demands more from the workplace, including improved employee benefits, healthier and safer team dynamics, attentive and approachable leadership, greater flexibility and relatable core values.

But building out a full HR department can be difficult for smaller businesses that can’t dedicate several team members to bear the weight of this tough job. An easy solution is to outsource; partnering with an employee benefits consultant at GMG to manage everything it takes to make modern employees safe and satisfied. Simplify your HR strategy this year by exploring your options with a full-service insurance agency like GMG.

Streamlining HR Administration

Selecting employee benefit plans built for your business is only step one in running an effective human resources department. HR administration is necessary regardless of your company’s size, but it’s a task that’s often overlooked for those that lack a dedicated HR team member or operate on a limited budget. Outsourcing benefit plan administration and HR consulting is a fast fix that erases the burden of onboarding new employees, working through claims and handling terminations from your internal team’s shoulders.

A benefit plan provider can help you with:

  • Finding cost-effective options for employee benefit plans
  • Offering real-time benefit plan assistance for employees
  • Collecting new hire paperwork and processing enrollment
  • Reviewing your HRIS feed to ensure accuracy
  • Assisting with compliance with federal and state laws
  • Submitting enrollment changes and handling terminations
  • Using an online portal to manage plans and payroll
  • Conducting strategic planning, renewal and analysis
  • Effectively communicating and engaging with employees
  • Supporting compliance requirements and executing audits
  • Managing COBRA and developing your COBRA approach

Benefitting from a Knowledgeable Team

Human capital management doesn’t have to be difficult, costly or overwhelming. What makes HR consulting firms and insurance agencies successful is the value they can consistently deliver to the businesses they serve; their knowledge and experience bring great savings in time, energy, costs and resources for employers looking to offer their employees exceptional and easy experiences.

Working with your insurance agency instead of hiring a new employee to handle essential functions means you’ll gain access to time-tested solutions, flexible and custom services and a partner who’s invested in your business’s success. They can bring a new perspective to your current HR situation, relieve the stress of paperwork, minimize risk and help you grow your team the right way.

If you’re ready to ease the burden on your management team with simplified human resources, speak with one of the knowledgeable team members at GMG Insurance Agency about our employee benefits programs and administration and claims advocacy services. We offer tailored solutions for employee benefits to tackle challenges with costs, compliance, administrative burden and employee satisfaction.

We’ll walk you through all components of your existing HR efforts and goals and help you identify a plan that meets your specific needs.


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