Kidnap and Ransom Insurance: Protection Against Risk

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance: Protection Against RiskKidnap and Ransom Insurance: Protection Against Risk

A few months ago, Michael Dell’s security team found a loophole in their protection plan for the Dell CEO and his family. It wasn’t a breach in security or a misstep by his security company. Rather, it was from Twitter, and his young daughter.

Alexa Dell released a photo of her brother, Zachary on the family jet, eating a decadent breakfast spread on the way to Fiji. Alexa posted it on her Instagram and included a link to her Twitter account. The photo found its way to the popular Tumblr site, Rich Kids of Instagram, which is how the security team found out about it.

Turns out, Alexa had been documenting every move her and her family made on Twitter, including the GPS locations from her phone. She had even posted the invitation to her high school graduation dinner, including the date, time and location.

Alexa’s youthful enthusiasm for social media directly undercuts the significant efforts her father pays for his family’s security. According to Business Insider, Dell spends $2.7 million annually on his family’s security.

While unintentional, Alexa’s actions compromised her and her family’s safety, and highlights a unique risk that high net worth individuals face. There is a reason that Dell pays almost 3 million a year for his family’s protection. While it’s difficult to think about, high-net-worth clients face a significantly higher risk of being victimized by kidnap, ransom demands and extortion.

Michael Dell and his family represent a uniquely high profile case. But it could happen to anyone. If you have significant assets, your family may be at risk. GMG Insurance understands the delicate nature of these concerns as well as the damaging effects they can have on a family’s emotional and financial health. A full insurance portfolio with Kidnap and Ransom Insurance from GMG Insurance can help alleviate some of those concerns. For more information, please contact us today about our Kidnap and Ransom insurance programs.