Mistakes to Avoid When Training Employees

Mistakes to Avoid When Training EmployeesIf you run a small business, chances are you have at least a few employees. As the training and onboarding process is critical for the employee’s success and your own, this process should not be taken lightly. As your business’ needs grow and you hire more employees, keep the following in mind and prevent these common mistakes. Just as important is making sure your Newtown Small Business Insurance is up to date to mitigate the variety of risks you might encounter.

Don’t underestimate safety concerns.

If your business does not utilize heavy machinery and dangerous equipment, you might not feel the need to go into detail about safety concerns. However, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that slip-and-falls account for most workplace injuries. As obvious as it may seem, you need to train your team to identify and avoid trip hazards, how to respond to spills, and how to keep the entrance of your business free from snow or puddles. Remember, simple ergonomics training can save you thousands in workers’ comp fees.

Don’t leave out the importance of tolerance.

It might not be the easiest thing to discuss, but let your employees know there is zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination. Any type of bias that the employee brings with them to work should be halted. If these biases are expressed in the workplace, it could lead to hefty lawsuits down the road.

Don’t undervalue a fun training session.

Create a formal training program, complete with handouts and references so they can follow along. This will ensure they learn something. Next, provide visuals and anecdotes to keep them interested, and incorporate games and prizes wherever you can. Make it fun to keep them engaged so that they are motivated to understand, learn, and grow with your company.

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