Necessary Components of Drug & Alcohol Policies

Employers have a lot of obligations. From protecting their operation with a PA Employment Practices Liability Insurance program to hiring the right employees and creating protocols and procedures, there is no shortage of critical tasks to complete. However, one of the many policies that need to be included in order to protect your business and the well-being your employees is a drug and alcohol policy. While this may be a tricky subject to navigate, your liability will be significantly reduced when you include the following components in your policy.

  • A clear statement that prohibits the consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind while on company property. Also, indicate that showing up for work while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • A statement that explains the need for employees to notify you if they take any medication that could affect his or her performance while at work.
  • According to Inside Counsel, your policy should include a clear statement that the possession, use, sale, or consumption of any controlled substance or illegal drug as defined by state or federal law, including marijuana, while on company property, or while in the course and scope of employment is prohibited.
  • A document that explains drug testing policies for potential and existing employees.
  • A component that explains testing for a reasonable suspicion, if applicable.
  • As some workers’ compensation policies decrease benefits for the claimant if tested positive for drugs or alcohol, this should be clearly described in the policy.
  • Outline the policy for consequences should an employee test positive for drugs or alcohol.

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