New Year’s Goals for Small Business Owners

New Year’s Goals for Small Business OwnersRather than make the traditional New Year’s resolution that often gets thrown to the wayside within weeks, focus your efforts on your business this coming year. Now is the time to create goals-attainable ones- that will benefit both you as the owner and the business. In addition to securing your operation with a Doylestown Small Business Insurance Program to mitigate risk in the coming year, heed the following advice.

Goal #1: Get Out Of The Office.

Treat your staff to a movie or take time to plan an excursion to a nearby location. All work and no play is not exactly the most rewarding structure, so show your employees you value them and their efforts by treating them at least once per quarter. This will help to improve employee morale and build social connections, as well.

Goal #2: Give Up Control.

As a small business owner, you might be tempted to control every facet of your operation. However, no one likes to be micromanaged. Work on setting goals for yourself to take a step back and allow your employees to figure out their own solutions to issues.

Goal #3: Say No.

You don’t have to spread yourself so thin year after year. Instead, focus on allotting a certain amount of time per week to work and then shut it off to focus on family and hobbies. A healthy balance is a necessity for happiness and even efficiency, so take advantage of saying “no” this year.

Goal #4: Market Your Business Effectively.

If you aren’t an expert in marketing, then hire someone who is. From sales to content production to SEO, hire the team you need to build your business.

Goal #5: Take A Vacation.

Granted, every business owner wants to take a vacation, the same consensus is always reached: what will happen to my business when I’m gone? Part of taking time for yourself and disconnecting is becoming a better leader. Set processes to put in place to manage issues in your absence, assign a point person to be the leader, and create a written plan for your employees. With this, you can take that trip you’ve been putting off for years.

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