Security on a Budget: Tips for Business Owners

Protecting your business, whether you operate from home or from an office or retail building, is critical. With so many digital and physical threats, now is a great time to take added security measures to ensure your security this coming year. However, state-of-the-art security might not be in the budget, especially for a small business, which is why we have comprised a list of more budget-friendly options for doing so. In addition, get the peace of mind you deserve with the right Newtown Business Owner’s Policy.


This easy-to-use camera can be placed anywhere in your store, office, or home to provide surveillance and constant monitoring of your property. In addition to its ease of setup, Dropcam includes remote access via WiFi, automatic storage of surveillance footage and impressive HD or non-HD options.

Pricing is another plus for Dropcam. The HD version of the hardware costs $149. Subscription services to archive security footage are charged per camera, costing you between $120 and $360 per year, explains Small Business Trends. However, this is strictly for indoor usage as it is not weather proof!


This is another, more robust option for business security. Created specifically for small businesses, these weather and vandal-proof cameras range from $400-$800. This more high-tech option also allows night vision, more storage, and live, remote control access.

Smartlock systems.

For ease of use, there are handy lock systems that are remote and touch activated. For example, Kwikset’s Kevo’s ($99-$159) ability to send “ekeys” to employees and business partners is sure to come in handy for business owners. Gone are the days where forgetting or misplacing a key resulted in late-openings, explains the article. There are many options varying in price and functionality, but they are all meant to make opening and closing up shop much simpler and more secure.

Securing Equipment.

Protect IT panels and equipment with a device such as Cujo ($99). This device protects your devices against web threats and hackers by acting as a smart firewall and using behavior learning systems to analyze threats.

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