Streamlining Business Meetings

Streamlining Business MeetingsExtensively long meetings are becoming a thing of the past in today’s workplace culture. Instead, businesses are seeing the value in shorter, more direct and efficient meetings to get the point across. Not only are they easier to accommodate and fit into each employee’s schedule, disciplined meetings are less intimidating and more productive. As we explore how to implement these strategies to streamline your business meetings, ensure your operation is protected with a PA Small Business Insurance Program.

State your objective.

Before calling the meeting, have a clear objective laid out. Let your employees know what you want to discuss so the conversation can remain on topic and reduce tangents and wasted time.

Provide an agenda in the calendar invite.

Attach an agenda of the meeting to the calendar invite you send to your employees. Train your team to review agendas in advance and show up prepared. They can think about the agenda topics, look up facts and figures in advance, and come in with suggestions. To access the agenda, people just pull up the meeting invitation—no hunting around for a separate document, says Small Business Trends.

Only require pertinent players to join the meeting.

The more people are involved, the longer the meeting takes. Cut the invite list down to the bare bones to reduce wasting other employee’s time that might not be directly involved with the topic.

Create a start and end time.

Evaluate your agenda and determine how much time you can spend on each topic to end on time. If you find that you’re running over the allotted time, consider scheduling a shorter follow-up meeting or allow room for questions at the end.

Take notes.

There’s no point in hosting a meeting if everyone forgets the material and information the moment they step out of the conference room. Have a designated note taker to transcribe notes to send to each of the employees in attendance after the meeting has concluded.

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