Management Tips for First-Time Supervisors

Being promoted to supervisor is a huge accomplishment and a milestone worthy of celebration. As you begin your new role, however, you’ll discover that supervisors face unique challenges and responsibilities. You’ll have new administrative tasks to accomplish, such as making sure you’re protected with a comprehensive Newtown Management Liability policy in case you’re accused of workplace […]

Next Phase of the ACA Affects Pennsylvania Employers

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been met with many questions over the last couple of years. As reported by the Pacific Coast Business Times, the challenges are not over yet. As we venture closer to the fourth quarter of 2015, the group healthcare industry is expected to be met with opportunities that will affect […]

Must Know Insurance Tips for Traveling Internationally

As summer quickly approaches, many families and business professionals alike are making plans to travel internationally. They’re planning aspects of their trip such as what clothes to bring, what their itinerary will look like, what food adventures they will go on, etc. However, if you are one of these pending travelers, have you purchased your […]

Business Liability Claims Less Frequent But More Costly

Most Pennsylvania small business owners have been conditioned to worry about the risks associated with accidental fire, theft or property damage, and how deeply they can affect a business. While these are some of the most common loss exposures faces by small businesses, they are not always the costliest or more detrimental. A new study […]

Pennsylvania Seeking Approval for Medical Marijuana Use

The debate over marijuana legalization has recently come to Pennsylvania’s front door as two new bills have been introduced this year that would legalize cannabis. The new SB3 bill would legalize the use of marijuana by some Pennsylvania medical patients, while the SB 528 which was introduced in February would legalize the plant for recreational […]

Breaking Down Lehigh County Cyber Liability Coverage

Cyber liability insurance products are relatively new to to the insurance market. In fact, until the last few years, many cyber liability risks were often absorbed through a business’s general liability policy. However times are changing and general liability policies now exclude losses of this kind. As a result there has been an increased availability […]

FEMA Updates Buck County Zoning and Flood Insurance

Last week’s heavy rains could not have happened at a better time if they were planned, for local officials who were promoting a week long “flood awareness” effort to help educate Pennsylvanians about the hazards of flooding. The campaign followed recent changes issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Homeland […]

Can Social Media Become a Philadelphia Business Liability?

 Social media can be an invaluable tool for any modern business, serving as a platform to connect to a wider audience, build a maintain a consumer base and even manage an operation’s public image. However, social media can also become a huge Philadelphia business liability exposure, especially when it comes to employees’ postings. While positive […]

Tips for Lowering Doylestown Homeowners Insurance Rates

In light of recent superstorms and costly natural disasters, millions of Americans are seeing hikes in their homeowners insurance premiums from year to year. According to a recent study conducted by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the average homeowners insurance premium increased by 5.7% in 2012, on top of a 7.6% increase in […]

Why Should Nurses Carry Professional Liability Insurance?

 Mistakes happen, even to the most seasoned medical professionals.  Yet a surprisingly large number of Pennsylvania nurses do not carry professional liability insurance. In today’s litigious environment, nurses, caregivers and any medical professionals can be sued at any time, for any number of reasons. Even when allegations against these professionals are false and unfounded, the […]