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Your Guide To International Risks: This Summer and Beyond

Whether you are spending time abroad, have assets overseas, or managing a remote team in another country, it’s important that your coverages are reflective of your international exposures. That is why we sat down with GMG’s newest strategic partner, Globex International Group to discuss international risks and uncertainties.

Throughout this discussion, we address personal and commercial international risk issues, as well as strategies to design a global benefits program that fits the needs of all employees regardless of their country of origin.

Click the video below to learn more about international risk management.

In this video we discuss the following:

Personal Protection:

  1. What are some things that an individual or family need to consider before they travel overseas?
  2. Beyond risk transfer (insurance) what strategies or considerations should an individual or family consider when it comes to protecting assets outside of the US?
  3. As an advisor to successful families or individuals, how might we better educate our clients on the importance of mitigating international risks?
  4. How does our partnership with Globex International Group allow us to protect our client’s assets?
  5. What one piece of actionable advice would you give to a successful family or individual to live a more worry-free lifestyle wherever life takes them?

Commercial Assets:

  1. When an organization owns assets overseas,  how would the GMG Insurance and the Globex teams educate the business leader on their risk tolerance?
  2. What are a few things that a business leader might overlook when protecting international assets?
  3. There are still global supply chain issues – do you have any suggestions on how an organization might address these issues with clients to maintain a high level of customer experience?

Employee Benefits:

  1. What are some of the more common challenges with employees working in another country, and how might an organization address those issues?
  2. What considerations should an HR professional take into account when designing a benefits program for international employees?
  3. What trends are you seeing when it comes to managing/hiring/retaining staff outside of the US?
  4. What is one piece of advice that you would give to a business leader, or HR professional, to help them manage their international risks, protect their overseas assets, or support their global workforce more effectively in the future?

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