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Employment Practices Liability Insurance for Domestic Staff

When you hire domestic staff, you most likely run a thorough background check for criminal records and talk to references that applicants provide. Those you ultimately select are people you trust to care for your home, your children, maybe even your elderly parents. But trust isn’t all you need when you are an employer. You also need protection in the event a conflict arises and you are accused of mistreating an employee.

Claims can arise from misunderstandings, bad relations with you or your family, or hard feelings between employees. Those claims can cover a wide range of wrongdoing, including discrimination, wage and hour disputes, vacation time, hiring and firing decisions, and a hostile work environment, among others.

What EPLI Covers

Even if you’re innocent, legal bills can run high. To protect yourself from these expenses, turn to an employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) policy for domestic staff. GMG Insurance partners with insurers that specialize in high-net-worth clients and their needs, so the products we offer are well suited to the exposures you’ll face.

Not only will your policy help with legal bills, it will also pay toward settlements or damage awards decided by a court. EPLI coverage can also be written to provide help with administrative hearings, and some insurers will provide crisis management assistance or public relations services to help control reputational damage. That can be especially important if accusations involve sexual misconduct, tax issues, or illegal alien problems.

Employment practices liability claims typically fall outside liability coverage provided in your homeowners insurance.

Protect your family from financial losses arising out of employee complaints.

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