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Inland Marine Insurance from GMG Insurance

An inland marine insurance policy is one of the broadest property policies available. It insures property you are transporting as well as property that is kept at your building. It fills in the gaps left by standard business property insurance, which may strictly limit coverage for property that is removed from your premises.

Covering Your Special Property

An inland marine policy for business from GMG Insurance can expand your protection to include property in transit, property stored offsite, items you voluntarily leave with another party, the property of others you are transporting, and almost all business personal property. That broad list includes computers, valuable papers and records, office furniture and supplies, data and media, money and securities, fine art, and diagnostic equipment, to name just a few of the hundreds of items that can be insured.

Inland marine can be written specifically for your industry, and possessions that you want insured can be “scheduled,” that is, noted on a list in your policy. Contractors can cover tools, equipment and materials. Researchers can cover lab equipment and supplies. You can even have items you put on public display covered. This type of insurance is very adaptable, so policies can be tailored to your specific needs.

We Help You Think It All Through

At GMG Insurance, we don’t just ask you to come in with a list of all the items you want insured. We will help you establish an inventory by reviewing the general categories of possessions covered by commercial inland marine insurance. That can jog your memory or aid in a full-blown inventory review back at your workplace. Working with your advisor, you will achieve the most comprehensive protection possible.

We also help clients by providing risk management services that can reduce your chances of property loss. Our yearly, personalized reviews of your portfolio will help keep your coverage up to date.

Hundreds of classes of business can have their movable property protected.

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