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Pollution Liability Insurance from GMG Insurance

A standard commercial general liability insurance policy excludes pollution liability coverage, but many companies need insurance for these exposures. GMG Insurance offers special policies that address bodily injury and property damage resulting from the release of pollutants and other contaminants.

Eligible Clients

All our clients who have pollution risks will be considered for coverage. Those that face the greatest exposure are typically in the medical, manufacturing, food, contracting, landscaping, fuel and transportation industries, but many others are also in need of pollution liability insurance. Some might surprise you, such as real estate firms, farms and drycleaners.

If you store or dispose of waste that can be a chemical or biological contaminant or that can seep into water sources or the ground or be dispersed in the air, talk to a GMG advisor about your risk of a pollution claim against you.

Coverage Benefits

Corrosives, inhalants, fuel, biological and radiological material, and many other elements can fall under the category of “pollution.” If you are responsible for their release, you can expect to pay legal bills, fines, damages, medical expenses, and cleanup costs. A commercial pollution liability insurance policy, also called pollution legal liability insurance, will help.

It can respond to sudden and gradual pollution occurrences both on your premises and off. Some policies allow for legal defense costs to be covered outside of your policy limits, which means you will have more money available to cover damages and injury payments. Coverage is usually provided on a claims-made form, which means your policy will cover only those claims that are made while your policy is in force. If you want to cover actions that occurred before you were insured but that you didn’t know about at the time, talk to us about prior acts coverage. That could include coverage for companies you are buying or merging with.

If you damage the environment or hurt others or their property, costs could run high.

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