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Products Liability Insurance from GMG Insurance

Do you manufacture, distribute or sell products? If so, you could find yourself defending against a product liability claim. At GMG Insurance, we have product liability insurance that can help guard your assets from the effects of lawsuits or other demands for compensation emanating from injuries and damages associated with your products.

What’s Covered

Injuries to a buyer, user or bystander or harm to their property resulting from an inherent flaw, possibly including a manufacturing defect, a design problem or a lack of adequate warning of hazards, can be insured under products liability policies. Economic damages, compensatory damages, and attorneys fees are all potentially insurable. In some cases, punitive damages, breach of warranty, and investigation costs to determine the cause of the defect might also be covered.

If you are in the stream of commerce for a product, you could be named as a defendant. Keep in mind that you could be found liable even if you didn’t know the product was defective and you weren’t negligent in producing or marketing the product. If it is determined your conduct was below the expected standard of care, you could be responsible for the plaintiff’s costs, plus legal bills and other expenses.

Things to Think About

Increasingly, products used in or sold by manufacturing, research, professional service, medical, food service and other businesses come from abroad. Foreign suppliers may not have adequate product liability coverage and/or might not be able to be sued because of distance or legal obstacles. To grapple with the increased liability exposure this presents to our clients, GMG Insurance also offers a product liability solution that allows U.S. distributors to buy protection for their foreign suppliers—protection that follows U.S. terms and conditions.

When a product causes injury or damage, customers place blame and seek recompense.

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