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Group Dental Benefits from GMG Insurance

One of the funny things people from overseas mention about Americans is their pearly whites. And it’s generally true—Americans have pretty good teeth. Part of that has been the wide availability of dental care and dental benefits through work. Regular checkups and cleanings are not only cosmetically beneficial; they can also support better physical health. In fact, regular checkups can identify oral cancer and signs of heart-related and other disease.

Dental care frequently lands in the top three of preferred employee benefits in surveys. GMG Insurance offers group dental plans that provide coverage for cleanings, X-rays, oral surgery, periodontal care and remedial care such as fillings, among other services.

Kinds of Plans

You have options regarding the format of your group dental insurance. Under a traditional plan, the insurer sets a level of coverage for the different services, either by dollar amount or percentage of the service fee, and the employee chooses whatever dentist he likes and pays whatever the insurer doesn’t cover.

A preferred provider plan is similar to its group health counterpart. The insurer issues a list of in-plan dentists that are covered at a preferred rate. If employees go to dentists outside the plan roster, they will receive lower coverage.

There are also HMOs, or dental health maintenance organizations. These plans pay only for care given by dentists participating in an approved health group.

A preventive and minor-restorative plan is another alternative. It covers diagnostic services, preventive care, and some types of restoration—fillings, dentures, and periodontic surgery, for example.

Plans can be scheduled, which establishes an allowance for each procedure and requires a deductible and co-pay, or non-scheduled (a comprehensive plan), which covers a set percentage of reasonable and customary dental charges, may charge a small deductible, usually covers preventive care in full or close to it.

Reconstructive surgery and orthodontia are also covered in some plans.

Our GMG staff will discuss the best options based on your budget and the demographics of your staff.

Group dental plans can promote overall health.

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