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Group Disability Insurance from GMG Insurance

Disabling injuries or illnesses strike about a third of the working-age population in the U.S. each year. Some of those cause long-term absences from work. Others are permanently disabling, either partially or totally. At GMG Insurance, we know how catastrophic a disability can be, especially when it hits the main income earner. We offer group disability insurance that can provide income protection when a non-work-related disability occurs.

Why Pay for Coverage?

In some people’s minds, there’s no reason to pay for disability insurance when workers compensation and Social Security exist. But that’s a big mistake. If a disability derives from an off-the-job injury or illness, workers compensation will have no role in medical payments or income continuation. Social Security is difficult to qualify for, and waiting periods and appeals can leave an employee without cash flow for a long time, leading to serious debt, foreclosures and bankruptcy.

Group disability insurance can provide that income protection at a reasonable premium. It can be written to cover short-term disabilities and long-term disability. Prices vary based on the coverage chosen and earnings of the insured, but there is usually no medical exam for eligibility.

GMG Partners Are Reliable

GMG insurer partners are financially strong and will be there when they’re needed. They typically offer plan administration assistance from set-up through claims, all are ERISA compliant, and many have online account information for employers and employees. Social Security advocacy services and return-to-work programs are commonly offered.

You can also choose to include cost-of-living adjustments, pension contribution coverage, assisted living payments, and childcare and education assistance, to name a few of the additional options available.

Group disability insurance cannot be taken with an employee who departs from your company, but many insurers will permit covered participants to convert their policy to an individual coverage as long as they also pay the premium.

Give employees a chance to protect their income from disability.

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