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Voluntary Benefits from GMG Insurance

If your employees seem interested in expanded benefits offerings at the workplace but you can’t afford to add to your menu right now, consider voluntary employee benefits. GMG Insurance offers a wide variety of voluntary benefits across the region to all sizes of employers.

Supplementing Employer-Paid Benefits

You can expand on your group health insurance by offering complementary voluntary products. Some provide needed cash in the event of a critical illness, a serious accident, an accidental death or dismemberment. The lump-sum benefit can be used to pay for medical care, deductibles on a high-deductible health plan, or personal expenses of another nature.

A voluntary disability insurance policy can have benefits a group policy doesn’t. For example, if the premiums, which are paid by the employee, come from already taxed money, any benefit payments in the event of a disability wouldn’t be taxed. A voluntary disability insurance policy may also have shorter waiting periods than a group policy.

Vision and dental can be provided as an employee-paid voluntary benefit, which surveyed employees consistently say is better than having no vision or dental coverage at all through work.

Other options include pet insurance, travel insurance, homeowners insurance, auto insurance, legal assistance services and more. Discount pharmacy plans are rising in popularity as are wellness plans.

Although voluntary benefits are typically employee-paid, they usually offer a discount for your staff’s participation.

Blending voluntary and employer-paid benefits broadens your menu.

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