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Boat Insurance from GMG Insurance

Owning and operating a boat carries with it much of the same risk as owning and operating a car. You need insurance that covers your property and your potential liability for accidents.

A boat insurance policy from GMG Insurance can help when you are at fault and in certain cases when something or someone else damages your boat.

Classes of Boats

GMG Insurance serves boaters in 40 states, so we have policies for many classes of boats and many types of boaters. Our clients include bass fishermen and ocean-faring anglers. We cover yachts, small sailing vessels, speedboats, pontoons and more. We also offer policies for other watercraft, such as Jet-Skis and Sea-Doos.

If You’re at Fault

Even if you are a careful boater, accidents can happen. That’s why you need a solid boaters liability insurance policy. Some states and marinas require a minimum level of coverage, but most boat owners and operators should consider higher limits of insurance since accidents can cause expensive damage to other people’s property and sometimes serious injuries. Our insurer partners also offer bodily injury coverage for your passengers.

Covering the Boat Itself

If you cause a collision, your boat will almost surely suffer damage. That is covered under the property portion of a boat insurance policy. It’s important to get the right limits and type of coverage so the value of your boat is insured. You will also want to consider obtaining insurance for the personal property—and maybe even specialty items—that you bring on the boat, such as high-end fishing equipment or even jewelry or art if you have a yacht or houseboat.

Uninsured/Underinsured Boaters and Other Damage

A complete boaters insurance policy will provide protection in case an uninsured or underinsured boater damages your vessel. It will also have a comprehensive coverage section that insures against losses caused by storms, vandalism or other non-accident incidents.

Special Options

Many insurers offer haul-out provisions to keep your boat safe during harsh weather, as well as towing and salvage coverage. Some provide protection against the costs of fuel spills, and it is even possible to get insurance for damage that occurs due to unseen wear and tear, such as corrosion of through-hull fittings. You may also be interested in a policy that covers trailering. Our professionals will discuss all your options with you, along with any discounts that may be available.

Enhance your boating experience with security.

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