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Insure Your Home through GMG Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a broad and valuable set of protections for your belongings, your house and your assets. How it is structured depends heavily on your home, your family structure, your wealth and your lifestyle. At GMG Insurance, you will find the best in personal attention and advice—all geared to finding home insurance that best fits your needs and your budget.

Property Inside and Out

Your home is more than the building itself, so taking square footage, a real estate appraisal or a quick look at size, siding, and salary isn’t going to yield the very best coverage for you. A GMG Insurance review includes more in-depth consideration of the things that you want to insure and the things that expose you to damage or losses.

We offer coverage for all sorts of homes, from townhouses to single family residences that range in value from the modest to the manorial. Our policies are suitable for individuals and families and can accommodate those who travel extensively, have domestic help, own animals, have guesthouses, or own a swimming pool or trampoline.

If you have high-value items, such as jewelry, art, collections, or antiques, or you have other specific concerns, such as an at-home business, we can provide you with enhanced or additional protection. We even can find you a policy that allows you to upgrade to “green” technology if your home suffers a covered loss.

Guarding Your Assets

Your homeowners policy will also protect your assets from costs associated with liability claims. If you are found responsible for injuries to someone or damage to their property, you could face legal expenses and settlement payouts or damage awards. If someone is injured on your property or your teenager does something foolish to someone’s property, you would want your liability policy to respond.

Our GMG Insurance staff will talk to you about each of your concerns and propose coverage that fits. We will also help you with ideas on how to minimize your risk and save money through any available discounts.

Good insurance protects both property and assets.

Turn to GMG Insurance for personalized attention on managing your assets and securing products that accommodate your lifestyle, now and as it changes over time. Contact us at (215) 497-9240; (800) 540-7900; or email at