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Personal Umbrella Insurance through GMG Insurance

You don’t necessarily have to be wealthy to need personal umbrella insurance. Often, this extended liability coverage is an excellent wealth protection tool to add to any financial portfolio. At GMG Insurance, we encourage our clients to take a holistic view of their financial profile—real assets, liquid assets, investments, insurance and wealth objectives. We then look at risks to financial health, which could include lifestyle, family exposures, notoriety, location and a variety of other issues that could threaten asset growth or maintenance.

As a result, your advisor will help you devise a plan to manage all those strengths and weaknesses—adding protection and minimizing risk as best suits your needs.

Why Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is one way to enhance the security of your assets. It is activated when your other, underlying, primary policies “run out.” That is to say, their limits of liability may be exhausted by a large claim or series of claims, leaving you without any further coverage from the insurer. In such a case, you could turn to your personal umbrella policy for extended protection.

It typically sits over auto, homeowners, boaters and RV insurance, but it can be worded to improve coverage for just about any personal liability insurance policy you have. In some cases, personal umbrella insurance will cover perils that your underlying policies won’t insure.

For homeowners who have swimming pools, trampolines, pets and teenagers, an umbrella policy can be an important addition to your insurance portfolio. If you entertain, carpool or have firearms in the home, umbrella insurance should be a consideration.

Extend your liability protection with personal umbrella insurance.

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