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Personal Risk Services from GMG Insurance

While all households have some basic insurance needs in common, those in the upper wealth echelons tend to have special exposures that demand particular care and customized solutions. At GMG Insurance, we specialize in managing and protecting the property and assets of our clients, providing high-net-worth households with the confidence that our professionals are well acquainted with their needs.

Specialty Products for Special Concerns

Many of our high-net-worth clients have unique or high-value possessions that aren’t covered by standard home and auto policies. Those include fine art collections, expensive jewelry, antique or collector cars, yachts, and private airplanes.

Their high-value homes and vacation properties often require limits of insurance that exceed the norm. These select clients also frequently employ domestic staff, necessitating workers compensation and employment practices liability insurance.

Such clients are not only wealth leaders, but also business, civic and philanthropic leaders who serve on boards of directors at both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. GMG Insurance offers individual directors and officers insurance to protect their personal assets from duty-related liability claims. We also offer special events insurance and wedding insurance that cover liability for guests’ injuries as well as cancellation losses and rented property responsibility.

With elevated personal status comes heightened personal risk, sometimes even including kidnap and extortion. As horrific as those may seem at first glance, keep in mind that they can be even worse without the right partners to help you through. Our insurer partners specialize in crises of these kinds and provide financial as well as crisis management support.

Common Exposures in an Uncommon Style

Every family faces the risks of premature death, tragic disability, and natural disasters, but in high-wealth households the financial portfolios, business relationships and property concerns are much more complicated than in the typical home.

At GMG Insurance, we conduct a full review of your interests—liquid assets, real property, personal possessions, income, and wealth perpetuation, to name a few—and advise you on how best to manage, grow and protect your assets. We also provide risk management strategies to help you avoid losses in the first place.

Our life insurance solutions come in many types to fit your family and personal goals, and we offer high-value personal umbrella insurance to provide excess liability coverage. For homes that need it, we also offer earthquake insurance and excess flood insurance, which provides higher limits of coverage for both structures and contents.

Wealth perpetuation and protection with discretion.

Turn to GMG Insurance for personalized attention on managing your assets and securing products that accommodate your lifestyle, now and as it changes over time. Contact us at (215) 497-9240; (800) 540-7900; or email at