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Antique, Classic & Collector Cars

If you’ve caught the car collector bug, you know that there’s more involved in ownership than just the vehicle—or vehicles. At GMG Insurance, we enjoy the hobby and are well versed in the wide variety of exposures to loss you face. We work with insurer partners that specialize in the collector car, classic car and antique car field. We also insure high-end luxury automobiles as well as sports cars.

How You Use Your Car

Each classic car owner has his personal style, which means there can’t be a cookie-cutter approach to insuring these vehicles. We cover high-value cars that are driven for pleasure, that are displayed at auto shows, and that are in a state of perpetual restoration.

We offer property coverage that works off of a stated value or a cash-value basis; alternatively, you could opt for setting an agreed value with the insurer, which will protect your investment from any depreciation. Our liability coverage is written based on your exposures. For example, if you allow others to drive the vehicle or you use it for business purposes, we will make sure those exposures are covered.

If you show your car, you will also need to address that in your insurance policy. GMG Insurance offers plans that include medical reimbursement coverage for certain injuries at auto shows, as well as comprehensive coverage that insures the vehicle and spare parts. We can even provide automatic coverage for purchases you make up to pre-set limits.

Extras You Will Like

Your collector car insurance can also include towing and flatbed assistance. You can enhance your policy with coverage for tools, tool storage containers, ornaments, and memorabilia, among other items and accessories. If you have hotrods or classic motorcycles, we can show you policies for those, too.

We serve clients across a wide region and have policies that work with each state’s particular laws.

Enhance your hobby with the security provided by good insurance.

Turn to GMG Insurance for personalized attention on managing your assets and securing products that accommodate your lifestyle, now and as it changes over time. Contact us at (215) 497-9240; (800) 540-7900; or email at