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Earthquake Insurance from GMG Insurance

Five years ago, who would have thought that a nuclear power plant in Virginia or the Washington Monument would have to be shut down because of earthquake damage? But it happened. Earthquake damage, while primarily associated with the West Coast, can happen anywhere in the nation. In fact, a quake along the Midwest’s New Madrid fault once rang church bells in Boston!

The Harm Earthquakes Do

Earthquake insurance can protect your home and possessions from costly damage. It’s not only the gaping cracks in the ground and crumbled buildings that are of concern in an earthquake. Home exteriors can be damaged in smaller quakes, necessitating expensive repairs to brick and stucco. Foundations and cement slabs can also crack. Sprinkler systems are often activated, leading to significant interior water damage, and items can be knocked off of shelves and walls.

If your expensive art, draperies, flooring or crystal were to be damaged as a result of a quake, a typical homeowners insurance policy wouldn’t cover restoration or replacement. If your home were rendered uninhabitable because of earthquake damage, your homeowners policy probably wouldn’t cover your temporary living expenses. You need an earthquake insurance policy for these earthquake-related costs.

Coverage You Might Not Expect

Some earthquake policies cover events caused by an earthquake, such as mudflow, landslides, and sinking of the foundation. Coverage can be secured for primary residences, vacation homes, mobile homes, and condominiums. Renters can even benefit from an earthquake insurance policy.

In low-risk zones, earthquake coverage is very affordable. It sometimes can be purchased from your current homeowners or renters insurance company, but it can also be bought from a different insurer as a stand-alone policy.

Talk to GMG Insurance about your earthquake risk and affordable coverage.

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