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Insuring Your High-Value Home through GMG Insurance

Standard homeowners insurance policies often don’t provide adequate coverage for high-value homes. The limits of insurance may not go high enough, and the extra considerations needed for your property’s amenities may not be available. For high-value homes and estates, GMG Insurance provides specialty homeowners insurance that offers more than just coverage—it also has options for loss-mitigation services and crisis response assistance.

Moreover, high-value homes are not restricted to single-family residences. Some townhomes and condominiums in many areas of the country far exceed $1 million in cost, and their contents can include expensive collections as well as the property of domestic staff.

Special Considerations

A high-value homeowners insurance policy can cover guesthouses, servants’ quarters, other outbuildings, tennis courts, electronic gates, security systems, and landscaping.

Coverage for your home’s contents can extend to money, securities, and precious metals held in the home, watercraft kept on premises, gravestones, valuable papers, and jewelry up to certain limits. If you have domestic staff, you can have their personal possessions insured against loss, as well.

If a civil authority or a covered event forces an evacuation of your residence, you can be insured for expenses associated with temporary living arrangements. You can also obtain coverage for loss assessments issued by community associations for property damage to common property, which is especially important for those living in upscale condominiums.

Loss Mitigation Programs

Our insurer partners also provide crisis response and loss control services to our high-net-worth clients. That can include identity theft coverage and response, help with security, such as lock replacement, and art removal for protection from impending natural catastrophes. It can also include complementary Wildfire Protection Services.

Liability Coverage

Worldwide coverage for liability claims is important for our high-net-worth clients, so our insurer partners offer such considerations. We provide high limits of personal liability insurance that cover both bodily injury and property damage for which our insureds are held responsible. This liability coverage can also extend to family in residence, pets and domestic staff of the insured. Legal defense is also included, even if the claim against you is groundless.

Protecting high-value homes, possessions and assets.

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