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Kidnap & Ransom Insurance from GMG Insurance

It’s a difficult topic to think about, but high-net-worth clients face a significantly higher risk of being victimized by kidnap, ransom demands, and extortion. International travel is especially dangerous these days, but domestic risks, including in-home hostage crises, also exist.

GMG Insurance understands the delicate nature of these concerns as well as the damaging effects they can have on a family’s emotional and financial health. A full insurance portfolio can help if such a crisis occurs.

Responding to the Crisis

When a crisis, such as a kidnapping, hijacking or extortion demand occurs, you need experts who know how to respond. That includes financial, legal and governmental expertise. It may also involve evacuation and medical teams. Access to these resources is vitally important, since most families and individuals wouldn’t know where to turn without professional assistance.

If you or your child is abroad and a crisis, such as riot or revolution, begins, our insurers have access to evacuation services that can prevent a hostage incident in the first place. If a situation becomes a kidnapping event, a crisis-response team will assist you with payments, public relations, required travel, legal advice, and other crisis-related expenses.

Some policies offer coverage for ransom payments, as well as rewards for help in finding the victim. Lost income while dealing with the crisis may be covered, and travel, lodging, and legal fees can be included in the benefits. It is also possible to insure against cyber extortion.

After the Event Ends

Loss of limb, death, disability, other physical harm, and psychological damage can all occur as a result of a kidnapping or hostage situation. You can get a policy to assist with all of these effects.

Enhance your peace of mind.

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