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Professional & Management Liability Insurance from GMG Insurance

All businesses today need the protection of management liability insurance, and those in professional fields need liability insurance that covers errors or omissions their professional staff may make. GMG Insurance serves businesses in 40 states and has solutions that protect clients from financial losses caused by mistakes and faulty employment practices.

The Kinds of Products We Offer

Good employees are the backbone of a business, and excellent managers treat them right. Still, disputes can arise, and feelings can get hurt. When those things happen, employees may allege wrongdoing on the part of the organization and seek compensation or damages. An employment practices liability insurance policy (EPLI) can help your business avoid deep financial losses from such claims. GMG Insurance offers EPLI and risk management advice that can reduce your chances of falling victim to a claim in the first place.

We also offer directors and officers liability (D&O) insurance that protects both the organization and individual executives from claims that they have failed in their duties to the business or shareholders. For those in your organization who deal with the funds of employees, GMG Insurance provides fiduciary liability coverage. If you offer employee savings or retirement plans, this is a particularly important product.

Almost all organizations store personal data on employees or clients and communicate with individuals and other businesses via computer. If your cyber security is breached or your business transmits malicious code and causes financial losses to someone, you could be held liable for those costs. A cyber liability insurance policy can help pay those damages and other expenses, such as those associated with notification and legal defense.

For professional firms, there are additional concerns since clients entrust themselves to your professional expertise. If you fail them through error or omission, they could file a professional liability or malpractice claim against you. Consultants, technology firms, doctors, lawyers, accountants, and architects and engineers are just some of the professionals who will benefit from a professional liability insurance policy from GMG Insurance.

Other Plans You Might Like or Need

When you send employees overseas on business, there is a chance they could get injured or even die as the result of an accident. A business travel and accident insurance plan can help with their medical costs and life insurance benefits.

In this world of increasing political tension, there is also a heightened risk of kidnap and ransom. And extortion, including cyber crime, is not uncommon. A kidnap, ransom and extortion policy from GMG Insurance will provide extensive help for such crises.

One of the benefits of working with a specialist in professional and management liability insurance is the option of basing your premium on your claims performance. A retrospective rating plan can be very beneficial to organizations that practice effective loss control.

Protect your firm from professional and management liability claims.

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