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GMG Insurance Is Your Source for Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Good employees are the backbone of a business, and excellent managers treat them right. Still, disputes can arise, and feelings can get hurt. When those things happen, employees may allege wrongdoing on the part of the organization and seek compensation or damages.

An employment practices liability insurance policy (EPLI) can help your business avoid deep financial losses from such claims. GMG Insurance offers EPLI and risk management advice that can reduce your chances of falling victim to a claim in the first place.

Allegations That Can Arise

Even businesses that follow best practices can be accused of mistreating employees. Allegations can arise over hiring and firing decisions, wage and hour disputes, vacation and leave policies, promotions, and hostile work environments, among many others. Sexual harassment and discrimination complaints are common.

Wrongful practices can result in steep damage awards, and legal bills can run high. If there are regulatory or government investigations involved, costs can escalate.

How EPLI Can Help

An employment practices liability insurance policy fills the gaps left by directors and officers liability insurance and commercial general liability insurance policies. It will help with legal defense fees, settlements out of court, and damages assessed by the court. Coverage applies to most claims of harassment, discrimination, wrongful terminations, breach of contract, and workplace misconduct.

It covers not only actual monetary losses by the plaintiff, but also costs of emotional and physical distress. Even if your company is innocent, you may not receive an award of attorneys fees. In that case, you will be glad to have EPLI coverage.

Back up best practices with quality insurance protection.

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