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International Travel Accident Insurance from GMG Insurance

When you send employees overseas on business, there is a chance they could get injured or even die as the result of an accident. A business travel accident insurance plan from GMG Insurance can help with their medical costs and life insurance benefits and provide important emergency services.

Advantages of Travel Accident Coverage

You can insure your employees just when they travel or on a 24-hour, 365-day basis so they are ready at a moment’s notice with the protection they need. Coverage benefits can also be extended to accompanying spouses and dependents.

The insured person is covered for accidental death and dismemberment, and some policies extend coverage for certain types of permanent disappearance. Coverage for losses resulting from hijacking, carjacking, auto accidents, and acts of violence may also be possible to obtain.

Some insurers cover accident medical expenses abroad, transportation to medical facilities, extended care resulting from a covered incident, disability, counseling, medical evacuation, and repatriation, among others.

If your company wants to provide coverage for employees and dependents who take personal side trips while away on business, your GMG Insurance advisor can show you options that include that benefit. Some of our insurer partners also allow insureds to convert their policy to a privately owned coverage if their company is no longer going to insure them for business travel accidents.

What About Sickness?

Some insurers exclude illness from their business travel accident coverage, but GMG Insurance partners with select insurers that do offer an emergency out-of-country medical benefit. That is particularly helpful when the insured’s health coverage doesn’t extend to the place they’re travelling.

We offer comprehensive business insurance solutions.

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