How to Build a Strategic Human Capital Management Plan in 4 Steps

Human capital is the value that collective skills, knowledge, training and positive personality traits add to an organization. Human capital management (HCM) is the way you find, support, guide and use these literal human resources. The approach that an organization’s leadership and HR team take to HCM has the ability to affect everything from company […]

GMG Acquires Superior Benefit Plans to Bolster Insurance Programs and Enhance Client Experience

Langhorne, PA, December 5, 2018 – GMG Insurance Agency (GMG), an independent insurance and risk management agency offering nationwide coverage and services, today announced the acquisition of Superior Benefits Plans, LLC., an independent employee benefits insurance brokerage firm. The acquisition not only expands upon GMG’s technological capabilities and capital management strategy but promises to advance its nationally renowned insurance programs and customer service experience.

The 5 Easiest Ways to Avoid Flood Damage From A Hurricane

In the wake of hurricane Florence, it’s become more evident than ever that proper protection against hurricanes and its associated wind, rain and flooding is essential. Aside from damages that can be caused by extensive flooding, there are other hazards that can mean disaster for your home, land and other property. Floating debris can cause extensive damage to your property, while forceful flood waters can cause your vehicles and other valuable property like furniture and tools to be carried away.

Insurance Advisor: Issue #6

“Our experience with GMG has been unlike any other insurance agency. Right away, we noticed how the team was more ‘up with the times’ than other agencies, and we were pleased to see how their expertise actually translated into how they conduct business. Our experience is one you’d expect from an insurance agency in 2018. It’s easy, helpful and we feel confident that we have the right coverage for our business.”

Life Changes, Your Insurance Should Too

You may think that once you obtain health insurance through your employer, you’re all set for a while. You may think it’s fine that when you move on to get a life insurance policy of your own, you can keep that in place without a second thought. We all know that these are not sufficient practices when you’re tasked with managing and planning for the well-being of yourself and the well-being of your family. Your life changes beyond your first job, your first car and your first house. So why shouldn’t your insurance follow suit?

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