Insurance Advisor: Issue #6

“Our experience with GMG has been unlike any other insurance agency. Right away, we noticed how the team was more ‘up with the times’ than other agencies, and we were pleased to see how their expertise actually translated into how they conduct business. Our experience is one you’d expect from an insurance agency in 2018. It’s easy, helpful and we feel confident that we have the right coverage for our business.”

Life Changes, Your Insurance Should Too

You may think that once you obtain health insurance through your employer, you’re all set for a while. You may think it’s fine that when you move on to get a life insurance policy of your own, you can keep that in place without a second thought. We all know that these are not sufficient practices when you’re tasked with managing and planning for the well-being of yourself and the well-being of your family. Your life changes beyond your first job, your first car and your first house. So why shouldn’t your insurance follow suit?

What Benefits Attract The Best Employees?

When talented people are looking for a job, employee benefits are one of, if not the most important aspect they consider when deciding to apply to a position. Offering lackluster employee benefits won’t only dissatisfy your current employees, but it’ll drive away potential top talent from being interested in working for your business. We rounded […]

The Business Insurance Starter Kit: Three Steps to Comprehensive Coverage

If you’re a small business owner, you’re already very familiar with managing risk—it’s a skill required by all entrepreneurs who aim to succeed in today’s dynamic markets. But understanding the business insurance coverage needed to combat real business risks can be complicated and overwhelming. We’ve condensed the path to comprehensive coverage into three simple steps, […]

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