2017 Newsletter

June 2017             — SPONSORED EVENTS — Warrington Community Day  We are proud sponsors of Warrington Community Day. It will take place on Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 12pm – 6pm at John Paul Park at Lower Nike.  You can learn more by visiting the Warrington Day website. Central Bucks Family YMCA 2017 […]

Security on a Budget: Tips for Business Owners

Protecting your business, whether you operate from home or from an office or retail building, is critical. With so many digital and physical threats, now is a great time to take added security measures to ensure your security this coming year. However, state-of-the-art security might not be in the budget, especially for a small business, […]

Necessary Components of Drug & Alcohol Policies

Employers have a lot of obligations. From protecting their operation with a PA Employment Practices Liability Insurance program to hiring the right employees and creating protocols and procedures, there is no shortage of critical tasks to complete. However, one of the many policies that need to be included in order to protect your business and […]

Small Business Year-End Legal Advice

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to get your business prepared for another successful and profitable year. This is the time of year where business owners often find themselves swamped with paperwork and calculations that they’d rather put off for holiday parties. However, organizing this information and preparing for a legally sound year […]

New Year’s Goals for Small Business Owners

Rather than make the traditional New Year’s resolution that often gets thrown to the wayside within weeks, focus your efforts on your business this coming year. Now is the time to create goals-attainable ones- that will benefit both you as the owner and the business. In addition to securing your operation with a Doylestown Small […]

Boosting Sales in Your Small Business

The holidays are right around the corner, and the busiest shopping season of the year is in full swing. What better way to start the New Year off right than to boost sales and bring in more revenue than ever before? We have compiled a list of some simple strategies to implement that can make […]

Streamlining Business Meetings

Extensively long meetings are becoming a thing of the past in today’s workplace culture. Instead, businesses are seeing the value in shorter, more direct and efficient meetings to get the point across. Not only are they easier to accommodate and fit into each employee’s schedule, disciplined meetings are less intimidating and more productive. As we […]

Preventing Theft During the Holidays

The holiday rush is the busiest time of year for businesses of all kinds. With more inventory, more employees, and more customers, the risk of experiencing loss and theft are increased. In fact, According to the National Retail Federation, retailers lost approximately $44 billion from theft in 2015. Of that amount, more than 34 percent […]

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