Tips to Improve Young Employees

Coaching young employees from the start can be a beneficial way to shape them into the stars you want them to be. As the oldest members of Generation Z are approaching the workforce and even earning managerial positions, here’s how you can prepare them for the work ahead. In addition, be sure to secure your […]

September 2016 Newsletter

  September 2016             GMG and Pidcock Agency Are Joining Forces   The GMG Insurance Agency, headquartered in Newtown, PA and the Pidcock Agency, located in New Hope, PA are joining forces to create one of the largest, locally-owned and independent insurance agencies in the area.   The combined agency will operate […]

Promoting Innovation in Team Environments

As a small business owner, it is critical to understand how to nurture and motivate your team. Setting them up for success and promoting innovation not only benefits your team, but also improves morale and increases your profits in the long run. With that being said, heed the following advice for promoting innovation in your […]

Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

Implementing cyber security tactics is a necessity for businesses of all types. As the threat and severity of breaches continues to evolve, small business owners must be proactive in their security approach. With that said, secure your operation with a Pennsylvania Cyber Liability policy and heed the following cyber-security advice. Train employees. According to the […]

Top Accounting Interview Questions to Ask

The interview process is always a tricky one to navigate. While the standard generic questions can be beneficial, they aren’t always the best indicators of skill and personality fit for your company. As accounting is a critical component to the success of your business, finding the right person should not be taken lightly. With that […]

What Do Millennials Want in the Workplace?

The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016 indicated some shocking figures in terms of how long millennials plan on sticking around in their current positions. As constantly changing economic times and company culture affects these working professionals, millennials indicated that they are more than willing to move out of their current roles to pursue another position if […]

Three Things to Remember When Starting a Business

Starting a business is no easy feat. In addition to putting in long hours, guaranteeing you have enough working capital, and finding quality employees, a few challenges await you once you’ve launched. In order to be successful, these three tasks should be priorities in your business plan. In addition, secure your operations with a comprehensive […]

Attracting More Customers to your Store

Small business owners understand the challenges they face in driving business and customer traffic to their business. Especially with plenty of competition and an uncertain economy, retail trends have seen some shifts in recent years. However, with the help of these recommendations, you can increase customer visits and revenue for your business. In addition to […]

Creating a Cyber Breach Response Plan

In today’s digital world, cyber breaches have become eminent. When it comes to cyber attacks, what was once an “if” is now viewed as a definite “when”.  As the potential threats are more than just stolen laptops or hacking of confidential information, it’s imperative for business owners to prepare and practice a response plan. Furthermore, […]

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