At GMG, we know that achieving our mission to connect clients with uncompromised coverage that combats the risks and complexities of the modern world starts with how we approach it.

We combine years of insurance expertise with first-hand experience to offer businesses all types of coverage that’s relevant today. Our experts work with you to review your business’s risks and recommend coverage that suits your operations to cover gaps that could leave company assets and team members vulnerable. From flexible contract terms to our user-friendly app, we proudly embrace reality to provide your company with contemporary services and full-service, comprehensive coverage.

Coverage Types

General Liability

General liability insurance protects companies from claims that happen during normal business operations, including things like bodily injury and medical. Depending on the nature of your business, we can customize a policy that suits your industry’s most common risks and needs.


When fire, weather damage or theft occurs at your business, property insurance will help you rebuild and keep your business operating Our policies can include coverage for a wide range of potential issues such as natural disasters, power outages and other incidents.

Commercial Auto & Fleet

Protect your business from financial liability associated with moving vehicles and equipment accidents and damage. Whether you have one company car or a fleet of 500, commercial auto and fleet coverage protects against liability, uninsured motorists and physical damage.


Cyber insurance is more critical than ever as businesses are increasingly threatened by malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats that cost companies millions of dollars per year. Whether your workforce is on-site or remote, it’s important to be proactive about cyber liability insurance, knowing that the threat of a cyberattack is not a matter of if but when.

Professional & Management Liability

Professional service businesses are at risk for lawsuits, liability and criminal exposure through negligence, inaccurate advice or adverse situations like harassment. A professional and management liability policy can include E&O insurance, and D&O coverage which can include


Alternative funding mechanisms can often provide a solution to otherwise challenging insurance underwriting and market challenges. Self Funding and Captives can give a business owner the opportunity to take on some risk with the possibility of lucrative financial rewards in the long term. Please call one of our professionals to explore if your business is a candidate.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation protects businesses large and small when employees experience on-the-job injuries and illnesses. It may also provide resources for improving your business’s safety, employee care and productivity.

Surety Bonds

Did you ever wonder if your contractor has the financial ability to complete a large project? Bonds are a unique insurance instrument that will fund a financial short fall that would otherwise leave your job unfinished. GMG has been writing various types of Bonds for over 50 years. If you would like to explore bonding please call us and we will walk you through what options we have to help you secure your project or get your company bonded so you can get working.


International insurance is a valuable tool for businesses operating overseas, which may include running offices outside of the US, selling products and services to clients in other countries and importing or exporting goods.

Inland Marine

Increase or extend your coverage with an inland marine policy for specialized business property. This form of coverage, which may sometimes be referred to as a “floater” policy, provides financial protection for capital equipment like 3D printers, medical technology and construction gear.


GMG has extensive expertise in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:


Food & Beverage

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Agriculture & Farming

Healthcare &
Medical Facilities

Professional & Business Services Firms

Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation

Law Firms

Real Estate


Leisure &


Educational Institutions

Life Sciences

Tech Startups




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