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Coverage Types

Home & Renters

Homeowners insurance covers your home and your possessions. It protects you against property damage and losses caused by weather, including storms, wind, hail, lightning and snow. It also protects you from non-weather property damage and losses, including theft, and vandalism. Other structures on your property, such as a barn or shed, would also be covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Renters insurance covers all of the property you own in your apartment, including electronics, clothing and housewares. Depending on the property and your policy, it may also include items in shared spaces, such as garages and patios.

Most importantly home and renters insurance provides you with personal liability insurance in addition to covering your home and possessions. Ever wonder what would happen if someone got hurt on your property or if you cause an injury to someone with an errant golf ball at the club? Homeowner’s liability insurance is your first line of defense to protect your hard earned assets against a liability law suit.


Automotive insurance comes in several different forms. These are the most common auto insurance coverage types:

  • Liability Coverage: Liability coverage is mandatory in all states, and drivers are required to purchase at least a minimum amount. Liability coverage includes bodily injury and property damage components that may help pay for damages if you’re at fault for an auto accident.
  • Collision Coverage: Collision coverage covers repairs and replacements for your vehicle following an accident.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage is designed to protect you if you’re hit by someone who’s not insured and to protect you from the repercussions of a hit-and-run accident. Underinsured coverage is similar but helps if the person who hits you doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your medical bills.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive coverage is designed to protect you from automotive costs associated with animals, theft, fire, hail, windshield damage and vandalism.
  • Medical Payments Coverage: Medical bills can be costly, so medical payments coverage is designed to help you pay for your medical costs after an auto accident.

Gap Insurance: The value of an automobile can quickly depreciate, so the settlement in an insurance case may not be enough to cover the cost of the loan on your vehicle. Gap insurance helps to cover the amount of money that’s still owed on a car loan after the car has been destroyed or stolen.


Motorcycle coverage is like auto coverage but is specifically designed for all kinds of motorcycles. You’ll find coverage options like bodily injury, medical payments, uninsured and underinsured motorists and others. Your motorcycle insurance policy can be further customized to protect upgrades, equipment, sidecars and other custom features.

RV, Jet Ski & Other Toys

Insurance policies for RVs and personal watercraft (PWC) are similar in the types of protection they offer but must be purchased individually for each item. RV policies include a variety of options to keep you and your family protected while you’re out on public roads.

Boat & Yacht

Boat and yacht insurance helps protect those on water investments. There are a variety of policies that can cover different size boats to yacht’s whether they are privately piloted or have a full-time crew. Typical boat and yacht insurance covers damage to other crafts or docks, physical damage to your watercraft, and can include towing assistance and pollution coverage.

Valuable Articles

Valuable articles coverage is an optional plan that supplements your current homeowners’ policy. It provides special protection against particularly valuable items, such as jewelry, art work, and collections from damage, loss and theft.


An umbrella or excess insurance policy provides extra liability insurance coverage that has higher limits and broader terms than typical home and auto policies. This extra layer of security may be desirable if you wish to protect your family assets from unforeseen events, such as an accident of which you’re at fault.

Flood & Earthquake

Flood insurance policies cover physical damage to property and possessions caused by flooding. Typical flood policies are issued by FEMA, but may be serviced by your primary insurance carrier. This will protect your dwelling from the act of flooding, which is excluded from all homeowner’s insurance policies.

Earthquake insurance covers home damage, personal belongings inside your home and additional living expenses, which are the costs to live elsewhere while your home is evacuated or in the process of being repaired due to an earthquake.

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Premier Service for Those Who Need More

At GMG, we understand that significant wealth and assets require more than standard amounts of coverage. That’s why we offer a premier private client program that utilizes considerable means to protect, grow and maintain your valuable materials. As your assets increase, so do your risks. Rely on our trusted high-net-worth advisors to thoroughly review your situation and provide solutions that ensure you and your beneficiaries are secure. 

Annual Summary
Receive annual analyses of your current coverage, assets, personal risk profile and new needs.

Coverage Improvements
Find tailored, personalized advice and recommendations on how to protect your wealth and assets.

Comparative Pricing
Get a full walkthrough of insurance selection, comparative pricing and your coverage options.

No matter what type of coverage you need, we have top-of-the-line insurance products that offer exceptional protection at the best rates possible. From your car to your house and everything in between, we provide uncompromised coverage with 24/7 service you can depend on.

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