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Insuring Your High-Value Home & Auto with GMG Insurance

Standard homeowners insurance and car insurance policies often don’t provide adequate coverage for high-value homes and automobiles. GMG Insurance provides specialty homeowners insurance for high-value properties and high-net-worth renters that offers more than just insurance coverage—it also has options for loss-mitigation services and crisis response assistance. Our high-end auto insurance is similar, with special options for customizations, shows and loss of use.

Considerations for High-Value Homes

High-value homes are not restricted to single family residences. Some townhomes and condominiums in our region far exceed $1 million in cost, and their contents can include expensive collections as well as the property of domestic staff.

Our policies extend coverage to money, securities, and precious metals held in the home, watercraft kept on premises, gravestones, valuable papers, and jewelry up to certain limits. If you have domestic staff, we have both property and liability clauses to address those needs.

Our insurer partners also provide crisis response and loss control services to our high-net-worth clients. That can include identity theft coverage and response, help with security, such as lock replacement, art removal for protection from impending natural catastrophes, and wild fire protection services to help make your home less vulnerable to loss.

Worldwide coverage for liability claims is important for our high-net-worth clients, so our insurer partners offer such considerations. We provide high limits of personal liability insurance, as well.

Insuring Your High-End Vehicle

High-value vehicles may have special needs that a standard auto policy doesn’t address, such as mandatory use of technicians and repairmen who are certified on that brand of vehicle and use of only original-manufacturer spare or replacement parts.

At GMG Insurance, we don’t sell you a policy and leave the rest between you and the insurer. We are there as your insurance partner to help with claims, and we have the expertise in the high-end auto market to help you find the most suitable policy for your particular vehicle and lifestyle.

Look to us for innovative coverage that includes lockout assistance, trip interruption insurance, agreed-value coverage to protect you from losses associated with depreciation, and rental car coverage that puts you in a vehicle equal to or better than yours when it’s in the shop as a result of a covered event. Our liability limits are also higher than with standard car insurance.

The high-end home and auto market is a familiar area to us.

Turn to GMG Insurance for personalized attention on managing your assets and securing products that accommodate your lifestyle, now and as it changes over time. Contact us at (215) 497-9240; (800) 540-7900; or email at