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At GMG we love our pets and vets! As your neighbor, we want to make sure that your practice has the best insurance coverage that meets your specific needs. We can develop a comprehensive program for your practice.

Increased Pet Ownership

According to the American Pet Products Association, pet ownership has increased from 56% to 68% over the last 30 years with approximately 85 million households now having a pet. With this explosive growth, there is a substantial opportunity to offer pet care clients an exceptional insurance solution to help protect them in the event of a loss or lawsuit.

Change in Controlled Environment

Perishable property (not otherwise insured) – provides coverage for the physical loss or damage to a perishable property resulting from a change in a controlled environment (business income and extra expense and perishable property in transit included)

Contamination (not otherwise insured)

Provides coverage for the loss or damage to a covered property or the loss of business income caused by or resulting from contamination

Disposal of Animals

Reimbursement for the cost to dispose animals that die from a covered loss in compliance with any applicable law

Emergency Evacuation Expense

Reimbursement for the costs associated with an emergency evacuation of animals, as well as the cost to return the animals to the premise

Product Replacement and Recall Expense

Reimbursement for the costs associated with a product recall or other expenses incurred to replace goods that are suspected to be unfit or dangerous

Reward Coverage

Reimbursement for the reward that leads to a felony conviction arising out of a loss or damage to a covered property

Animal Bailee

Provides coverage for legally liable injuries or damages sustained by an animal in the pet care operation’s care, custody, or control

Tools and Equipment

Provides mobile businesses a blanket limit of insurance for veterinarian medical equipment, and pet care tools and other equipment. This coverage can help pay for the cost to repair equipment if it breaks and the loss of business income and other expenses. Coverage includes:

  • Scheduled equipment and tools
  • Leased or borrowed equipment and tools
  • Employees equipment and tools
  • Newly acquired equipment and tools
  • Business income and extra expense due to loss of covered equipment and tools
Kennel Cough

Provides coverage if there is suspicion that a kennel cough infection was spread throughout a pet care operation. Coverage includes:

  • Expense to clean and disinfect the facility, equipment, and tools
  • Reimbursement of veterinarian expenses should other animals need to be treated
  • Pays for the loss of business income
  • Pays additional advertising expenses to restore reputation
Pet Care Errors & Omissions

Protects the pet care facility, their workers, and other pet care professionals against claims of inadequate work or negligent actions

Veterinarian Professionals

Expanded to include coverage for interns, leased employees, temporary employees, and volunteers

Off-Premises and Mobile Equipment Breakdown

Extends equipment breakdown coverage to include equipment off-premises, as well as in or on a vehicle used for business

Reimbursement of Expenses for Courts or Veterinary Boards

Reimbursement of courts or vet board fines, penalties, and expenses

Animal Infectious Disease

Provides coverage to pay expenses for cleaning or disinfecting the pet care operation if there is suspicion of an animal infectious disease or an animal infectious disease was discovered

Business Income Vehicle Use

Extends business income to pay the actual loss of business income sustained by a vehicle being out of commission

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