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Insure Your Motorcycle through GMG Insurance

The requirements for motorcycle insurance are often similar to those for auto insurance, but each state is different, so it’s important to insure through professionals that know your state’s requirements. At GMG Insurance, we work with clients in 40 different states and are well acquainted with all their laws.

Minimum Liability Coverage

While many states impose minimums on your level of motorcycle liability insurance, we often suggest obtaining higher limits. Causing an accident can involve multiple vehicles and injuries, and some of those can be extremely expensive. If your insurance limits are too low, you will have to come up with the rest of what you owe without the insurer’s help.

You may also want to provide coverage for any passengers who ride along with you. Such bodily injury insurance is available from our quality insurance companies.

Insuring Your Bike

The motorcycle itself needs insurance, too. It should be covered in the case of a collision you cause and in the event something other than a collision damages it. That could include fallen limbs, flying debris, vandalism or flood. You’ll want it insured against theft, as well.

If you’ve made customizations or have add-ons, such as sidecars, you will find just the insurance you need at GMG Insurance. We can even find policies that insure some of your riding attire.

Our clients have all kinds of bikes, from those used to get down to the creek and fish to those ridden to tour the highways and byways of America. If you are taking your motorcycle across international lines, talk to us about taking your insurance coverage with you!

We have motorcycle coverage as specialized as your riding style.

Turn to GMG Insurance for personalized attention on managing your assets and securing products that accommodate your lifestyle, now and as it changes over time. Contact us at (215) 497-9240; (800) 540-7900; or email at