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Eight Tips to Ice Out During a Cold Snap

By February 2, 2023Personal Insurance

Winter can bring a host of challenges, including freezing temperatures that can cause damage to your home and car. Here are a few strategies you can use to prevent your home or car from freezing through the winter:

  • Insulate your home: Proper insulation is key to keeping your home warm and preventing freezing pipes. Make sure your home is adequately insulated by checking the insulation in your attic, walls, crawl spaces, and recessed lighting fixtures.
  • Use draft protectors: Draft protectors are a simple and effective way to keep cold air out of your home. You can use draft protectors on doors, windows, and even outlets to prevent drafts. You may also ensure your windows are properly caulked as it may cut down your heating bill dramatically.
  • Keep the heat on: When the temperature drops, it’s important to keep the heat on in your home to prevent freezing pipes. Even if you’re going to be away for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to leave the thermostat set to at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit or above.
  • Install Smart Technology – Technologies like low-temperature sensors, “smart” thermostats, backup generators, and water leak detection systems can become invaluable when you are faced with the possibility of damage caused by freezing pipes.
  • Keep your car in a garage: If you have a garage, it’s a good idea to keep your car there during the winter. Not only will it be protected from the elements, but it will also be easier to start in the morning. If you don’t have a garage, try to park your car in a covered area or under a carport.
  • Use a car cover: Car scrapers can scratch the paint on your car! If you do not park your car in a garage or covered area, consider using a car cover to protect it from the elements. Car covers can help prevent ice and snow from accumulating on your car and make it easier to clean off in the morning.
  • Prevent Ice Dams on Your Roof: Our friends at Hartford note the importance of preventing ice dams. An ice dam occurs when water on your roof freezes and expands due to dropping temperatures causing damage. This can happen as water runs down your roof from warmer central areas to the colder roof edges. Adding additional insulation to the attic can not only keep your home warmer but your roof colder.
  • De-ice your Car Windows: During icy mornings, it may be tempting to use metal instruments or warm water to defrost your windows, but this can cause significant damage, including potentially shattering your car window. You may consider purchasing specialized de-icing liquid and placing cardboard under your windshield wipers to prevent them from freezing to your car.

By following these actionable steps, you can help prevent your home or car from freezing through the winter. Remember, it’s important to take precautions to protect your property from the cold, as the cost of repairs can quickly add up.

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