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How to Protect your Business from a Cyber Attack

By May 3, 2022May 26th, 2022Business Insurance, Insurance

With the increase in cyber attacks against small and medium sized businesses, GMG Insurance sat down with with Javier Gonzalez, Vice President of Sales with PL Risk, to discuss cyber liability and cyber risk mitigation.

Javier is a professional and management liability broker specializing in errors and omissions, directors and officers, employment practice liability, and cyber liability for public & private corporations nationwide. His clientele include insurance professionals, technology companies, financial institutions, commercial real estate, TPA’s, architects/engineers, accountants, lawyers, healthcare, and many others. He is a gifted speaker on risk management and loss control strategies to help organizations navigate complex and emerging risk issues.

Through this interview you will learn:

  • How the cyber liability insurance landscape has changed over the past few years,
  • What false myths often lead a business owner to not purchase cyber coverage,
  • The expectations of carriers when choosing to insure and organization’s cyber exposures,
  • Strategies to manage your cyber exposures beyond insurance coverage, and
  • Which organizations should consider cyber liability insurance.

This is part two of a two part cyber panel program. Click here to understand The Impact of a Cyber Attack on Your Business.

To learn more about how to protect your business, and receive a free cyber security assessment, click here.