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Nine Longevity Secrets and Practices From Around the World

By December 28, 2021September 12th, 2022Personal Insurance
Flexible senior woman stretching outdoors after jog

Written by: Suchi Rudra

“For centuries, humans have turned to specific foods, exercises and lifestyles to keep their mind and body in top form — and to extend their lifespans. If you think that’s a pointless pursuit given your genetic makeup, think again. A Danish study concluded that only 20% of our aging process is due to genetics and a whopping 80% depends on our lifestyle. That means you may have the power to largely control your health and your longevity through your diet and mind-body wellness practices. Even better, we can learn from other cultures that have established positive outcomes for generations. Read on to find out the longevity secrets and tips for a healthy life from around the world.”

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